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Meet the Fantastic Team at Niche Hairdressing

Tricia Waters - Director

Tricia is driven by a lifelong passion to create what matters to us all; an aesthetically pleasing shape that compliments the individual’s face contours without compromise. Tricia aims to minimise those ‘bad hair days’ by creating a style that is personalised and also manageable for the client at home. After 40 years in the industry, both in the UK and abroad, and 12 years as a business owner, Tricia has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her ethos is to make each client feel special and unique by listening and being approachable. Tricia's background spans both working abroad and 18 years as a college lecturer in FE. Tricia is also the proud holder of a 1st class honours degree in Leadership and Management.

Aimee Childs –Senior Stylist

Aimee is a talented, experienced stylist of 12 years and has remained at Niche from the onset of her apprenticeship. She is a fun, happy person who can communicate with clients from any background or age group. Aimee has a wealth of talent and experience, and is also a hair extension expert. After she has finished your hair, you will want to go out on the town with your new look, brimming with confidence.

Natalie Smith – Junior Stylist

Natalie is one of our most recent additions to the team having completed her apprenticeship in June 2016. Natalie is described by our clients as a wonderful listener. Her progress has been outstanding, and she loves nothing more than producing the latest on-trend looks and techniques, such as colour contouring, balayage, and ombre. Young, trendy clients will have an affinity with Natalie as she will be on your wavelength. An appointment with Natalie will involve chatting, having fun, and feeling glamorous.

Aimee Gibney – Apprentice

Aimee also joined our team in the summer of 2016 and is studying a Level 2 hairdressing qualification. Aimee makes sure that the needs of our clients are met by looking after their refreshment requirements and maintaining the momentum of the salon. Aimee is our resident treatment expert and will discuss our treatment menu with you, helping you choose the best bespoke molecular products. These products include EnergyCode profiling, which will achieve results that you thought were impossible. These results will last throughout the next few shampoos. When you want a treatment, book an appointment with Aimee.