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Additional Services

Alongside exceptional haircuts, styling, and colouring, Niche Hairdressing offers a selection of additional services that really set us apart. Based in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, our hairdressers host blow-dry courses and pamper parties, while we are also one of the few salons to provide System Professional EnergyCode profiling. Many clients also visit Niche Hairdressing when they need hairstyling for a wedding or prom

Pamper Parties

Treat yourself and the girls to a fun-filled night of luxury with our pamper parties. Working with up to six people, we host the parties and offer a range of lavish treatments and blow-dries to give you an unforgettable night. As part of the party, we supply all refreshments and nibbles. Parties can be accommodated on Sundays, and booking in advance is always appreciated.

Breakfast Club

When you have a big day ahead of you and need to look your best, pay our salon a morning visit. Our hairdressers host a breakfast blow-dry and finish club, and when you leave you will feel powerful and have that feel-good factor. We operate with flexible working hours, meaning our staff will accommodate out-of-hours appointments when necessary.


System Professional EnergyCode Profiling

Niche Hairdressing is a partner of System Professional, making us part of an exclusive circle of salons that offer their transformative and personalised hair system. System Professional offer a systematic personalisation that is determined through expert consultation by one of our stylists and by diagnosis of the hair’s needs through a diagnostic app on the iPad™. This ultra-personalised care system will transform your hair energy. It restores the lipid balance so that hair will feel reborn and be visibly healthier and more responsive.

This premium brand has a signature fragrance and accent. The core ingredients in the formula ensure that the fragrances of the product will blend together with any other product in the System Professional family. This innovative care product range will restore the hair to a virgin-like state. We recommend using a minimum of three products and a maximum of six to prevent any product build-up or residue. Whether your hair is virgin, bleached, or coloured, there is a profile for you within the system architecture.

Visit our salon for a consultation and to try some samples. Once your hair profile has been developed, you will be amazed at the long-term changes. We always look after our skin, but it’s high time we gave the same experience to our crowning glory.

Get Thicker and Fuller-Looking Hair with Nioxin

For those who are concerned about their hair thinning, the amazing Nioxin product range has the answer. Nioxin is designed to strengthen, nourish, and treat hair from its foundation, because scalp health is essential to promoting a thicker, fuller appearance. The range comprises many thinning-hair systems and specialised products, each of which comes with innovative skin-for-hair technologies to address key hair and scalp needs. A consultation is essential to choose the correct products, whether your hair is gradually thinning all over or noticeably thinning in particular areas.

The treatment process starts with a dermabrasion (skin peel to the scalp), which will remove any blockages caused by a build-up of products from the hair follicle. The removal of the scalp waste will leave the scalp feeling squeaky clean and regenerated. Then, the at-home treatment range will encourage active growth by ensuring that the scalp pH remains stable. The products scaffold each hair and reduce hair loss, resulting in thicker, fuller hair within 30 days for both ladies and gents.